Friday, November 2, 2012

Happenings in and around the Ranch this Week!

We enjoyed having our first guests at the ranch over the past two weeks.   The wildlife are making more appearances now that our construction is complete.  We saw five deer all at one time - walking between the cottages and across the road on Wednesday afternoon.  The pond is low due to the lack of rain for sometime now.  The positive part of this is you can view lots raccoon tracks all around the edge of the pond where the water has receded.  Even more evidence that our wildlife population has been very active lately.

The Alvin Rotary Club is sponsoring Novemberfest this weekend. It is held at National Oak Park in Alvin.  Only a short distance from the ranch, you can view the car and bike show, lots of arts and craft booths, foods, and other fun activities. 

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